Life Lately

Well, hey there. Long time no see. I’ve been MIA for many many reasons, but here’s a couple of life updates!

1) I did sorority recruitment!

Wow FSU, I really stinkin missed you. I moved back in two weeks early because I had to be in town for recruitment! Here’s the update on that. Recruitment was simply amazing. It’s a time that tears a lot of chapters apart, but ours emerged so much stronger than I have ever seen it before. Everyone bonded, *everyone* cried, everyone grew a deep appreciation for Gamma Phi that I hope we all never lose.


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Gamma Phi feels a little bit more like home, and a little bit more like what I dreamed of. Investing in a sorority is something I used to question a lot, but I now understand it’s value. Thank you to Kelsie, if you ever read this, for reminding us all what home feels like!!

2) I have a big girl apartment now!

As for moving back in, my apartment was an absolute mess. It took us full bottles of the strongest chemicals we could find to get it clean, and my OCD is still not satisfied. It looked like an abandoned crack house when I moved in, and is now so sterile you could do surgery on my floor but I just don’t really *feel* like it’s clean. You know? Just me? Alrighty then. No pictures here, because I care about you guys. It was nasty, believe me!

3) I picked a major!

As far as school….well, that was actually kind of a mess too. But that’s neither here nor there. The exciting news is I have officially picked a major…Spanish Business! And NO, I don’t want to be a teacher! I want to work in world development with an NGO or in ministry. But currently, I just want to graduate. Prayers always appreciated!!!

4) I’m back with my PEOPLE


This year does not look like what I thought it would look like. But being back with my sweet sweet community has made me want to be 19 and in college forever. Although community looks different for everyone (and mine is nothing like I imagined), it is everything I needed. Being back with my people makes my heart feel hugged. Community is challenging, but iron sharpens iron and these people really do love and care for me well in ways I don’t deserve.







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