My Travel Bucket List: Sophomore Year!

I’m planning a couple trips to visit my friends this summer and it has me dreaming of all the places I want to go next year! Freshman year held a couple of spontaneous trips to Georgia mostly, but Sophomore year I want to branch out! I really want to see more of the US, but I do have one international destination I’m hoping to go back to!

#1: Mexico City

I used to live in Mexico City, and I’ve always thought about going back one day. Recently my friend Audrey went to Mexico City for a visit and after seeing all the pictures of the amazing buildings, pyramids, and colors (and lets be real, the churros) I am ready to make the trip! I’m not quite sure where we’d stay in the city or if we would travel around the country, but just the idea of it has me bursting with happiness! Audrey and I are toying with the idea of going back for Spring Break 2019. It’s too soon to tell if it’ll be possible, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed!!

#2: Nashville, TN

Land of country music and good coffee shops. What could be better? My friend Charli’s older sister lives and works in Nashville and she goes all the time. Sometime this year, I want to take a trip up there with all the girls! I’ve always wanted to see the Country Music Hall of Fame and there seem to be so many good coffee shops in Nashville I would just love to go try! I also follow a church on instagram that is based in Nashville and I love trying out new churches, so I’d definitely want to check that out while I was there too!

#3: Birmingham, Alabama

Sweet home Alabama. Honestly, I don’t know much about Birmingham. One of my friends from when I used to live in Ghana goes to the University of Alabama. I saw her for the first time in years for the opening game of 2018 when Alabama played FSU in Atlanta. We met up and spent the weekend with her family and some of their friends at their lake house and it was SO much fun! This year, I want to try to get up to Birmingham for a game day! Also, there’s just something so enchanting about the thought of drinking a sweet tea in Alabama. Or maybe a La Croix. Or both?

#4: Thomasville, GA

Around Christmas of last year we took a girls trip up there for the day and had an absolute blast….but had to spend most of our day inside shops since it was so stinking cold! And I don’t mean “cold” like South Florida cold when it’s 65 degrees and everyone is in puffy winter coats. I mean COLD! 30 degrees cold. North Florida cold. We left with warm hearts, but we definitely had purple fingers. This year, I want to go back when it’s warm out so we can really enjoy walking around and can sit in the parks and have coffee. Sometimes Thomasville has fun festivals, so hopefully we can make it up there for one of those too!

#5: Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City is only an hour and a half from Tallahassee but we never went last year!! My hilarious friend Grace is from Panama City and she is the QUEEN of thrift shopping. We all get really jealous/frustrated when she says something she’s wearing comes from a thrift store because she always looks so darn cute!! This year, I want to take a trip out there and make Grace take us to all her favorite thrift shops so we can all enjoy the deals!!

#6: Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL

I don’t love scary things and I know I’ll probably lose my voice from screaming so much, but I really think this could be fun! If we got a couple people to go, I could probably handle it. Also, a bunch of us live in/near Orlando so we could stay overnight for free! They have reduced rates for Florida residents sometimes, so we could save some money too! Even though I’d probably not be able to sleep for days after, it could be worth it.

#7: Atlanta, GA

To be honest, I just want to go to the aquarium and get some biscuits. My favorite biscuit shop ever (Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits) has a store in Atlanta and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I could seriously eat 10 in one sitting (and I might have in Charleston). I also haven’t been to an aquarium since I was a little kid and I keep seeing pictures of people walking through the tunnels where the fish swim above and all around you, and that just seems so mesmerizing to me as an adult. I’m not sure why I didn’t appreciate it so much as a kid, but I want to go back!!

#8: New York City, NY

I have been binge-watching Sex and the City this summer and it’s really making me want to go to New York again! I’ve only been to the super touristy areas, but there are so many other good places to visit! Now that I’m getting the inside scoop from Carrie Bradshaw, I am ready to tackle Manhattan (maybe not quite as fabulously as she did). I’ve also started following some New York food accounts on Instagram and let’s just say I’m ready to gain 15 pounds as soon as I get there. Might have to be a winter visit!

#9: Kansas City, KS

This year my Dad and I are planning a father daughter trip and Kansas City is one of our options! I don’t know a ton about it, but my Dad has been there before and he raves about it, so I’m excited about possibly going there! Any city with a walking street and a nice coffee shop is a winner on my list, so I’m sure I’d leave happy as a clam.

#10: Phoenix, AZ

We have some family not too far from Phoenix, and I haven’t seen them since I was little so I really want to go see them soon! Also, I want to hike in the Red Rocks! I’ve been looking at pictures online for ages and I am so ready to get out there. My parents just went out there to run a 5K and they absolutely loved it. Hopefully when they go back they’ll take me with them haha!

Here’s to hoping that I can actually get all 10 of these crossed off! Each time I get one done, I’m sure you’ll see it. Sophomore year, I’m sooo ready for you!




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