Spring Bid Day 2018!

Bid Day best day!!!!! I was so excited to get to be on this side of recruitment and get to bring home some new sisters! At Florida State, we rush twice a year pretty much every year. Although stressful, it also gives us the opportunity to grow our sisterhood and that’s something we are always happy about!


Rush week started Monday afternoon with having some girls over to the house! I was super nervous to talk to all the girls…but I’m sure they were equally as nervous! One thing I really loved and appreciate about Gamma Phi is that they let us as new members be a part of the process. They had older girls there to guide and mentor us, but for the most part, we got to take the lead. I loved that they trusted us this much, and it really made me feel like a true part of a sisterhood so much bigger than just a few people!

The end of the week came with so much anticipation and nervous butterflies….it was finally bid day!!!! I remembered being at my bid day not too long ago and was kind of emotional watching all the newest sisters run home with the biggest smiles on their faces. If there are any Gamma Phi’s new or old reading this…I love you so very much!

The best part of all was that 2 of my very best friends became Gamma Phi’s AND my rush crush ran home! Charli and Caroline both went Gamma Phi this spring, and I could not be happier. It’s so special to see the people you love most get to join the sisterhood you are so proud to be a part of! I can’t wait to do alllll the date functions, socials, sisterhood events and dinners with them!


Abigail ran home! I talked to Abigal during rush week, and was SO excited when I found out she went Gamma Phi! Getting to welcome her home for the first time was an experience I’ll never forget. There’s nothing like having someone run into your arms after a week of stress and know you’ve given her a lifelong sisterhood! That moment got me SO excited for big little reveal…love you already little! Can’t wait to meet you soon!!!! Only two more weeks!


After eating the best brunch ever and dancing our hearts out, bid day was finally over. If you have the opportunity to rush and are considering it…DO IT. I didn’t think sorority life was for me, and now I can’t imagine college without it. I absolutely love all of the girls in my chapter, and getting to see other women follow in your footsteps is so humbling and wonderful! Welcome to Gamma Phi, new members!!





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  1. mary ann considine says:

    Enjoying your blog a lot. I’m reliving my college days. We called it rushing.

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