Dad’s Weekend 2018

Every year, my chapter at FSU switches between having Mom’s and Dad’s weekend and this year it was Dad’s weekend! I was so glad my dad decided to come and spend a couple days with me. It’s so special to get to show your favorite people around your new stomping ground!

Like most trips my dad and I take, we basically spent the weekend at sports games and eating everything we could get our hands on. From Italian to Whataburger to specialty sandwiches from Midtown Caboose, we really chowed down this weekend! Gamma Phi hosted a brunch that was catered by Four Rivers Smokehouse and it was heaven. We ate our body weight in BBQ and mac and cheese!


My sorority kindly got all of the dad’s tickets to the FSU vs. Troy baseball game, so we got to spend an afternoon watching my second favorite sport which was so lovely! Charli recently became a Gamma Phi sister, so her dad came up too and we got to hang out with both of them which was super sweet! Luckily, it was a good game and FSU pulled out a win!

After the baseball game, we went to Fun Station… which ended up being kind of a mess. It wasn’t ~exactly~ what Charli and I had pictured when we planned it out and was more like a Chuck-E-Cheese than the mini golf we pictured. Charli and her dad played a round of mini golf while my dad and I sat and talked and then we split up for dinner! My brother also goes to FSU, so we got to meet up with him for some delicious sandwiches which felt very homey. Being four hours away from home, I’m finding that I’m just far enough to really miss the quality family time and want them to visit me all the time (sorry Mom and Dad!).

Freshman year Dad’s weekend was such a success. I can’t wait for next year parent’s weekend and then Mom’s weekend! Time to start planning!





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