Women’s Retreat 2018: St. George Island

My first Women’s Retreat with Cru was one of my favorite experiences of college so far! I decided to go pretty last minute, but am SO glad I did. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend another weekend away from Tallahassee and I didn’t know that many girls going so I was scared! My small group leaders and discipleship leader convinced me that I needed to go, and like usual they were right!

It started out Friday night with dinner, games, and a worship time. For dinner, sweet Ms. Kingsley made us biscuit bites and caserole with fresh garden salad and homemade fudge brownies. Basically heaven on earth!

After dinner, we went into games! I actually participated in one of the games in front of the large group which was scary but good! I had to hold the bottom end of an ice cream cone in my mouth and try to catch mini marshmallows being thrown at me by a blindfolded girl! It was an adventure for sure. For our worship time, my friends Paige and Sofia led us in some songs. They are SO incredible together and just a joy to watch!

After all the fun and games were over, we met our speaker Christine who introduced the topic of the weekend to us: forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution. I was excited to hear the weekend wasn’t just going to be about relationships like a lot of women’s retreats can be, but I honestly wasn’t super excited when I heard the theme was conflict resolution because I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to apply that to my life much. I was so wrong! It ended up being so applicable and beneficial in so many ways (but more on that later!).

Saturday we all carpooled out to St. George Island for a night at the beach! We settled in, had lunch and worship and another talk, and then got to go exploring the beach and the little town! We all decided we wanted ice cream after taking some pictures on the beach, so we ventured to the gift shop to get the biggest scoops of ice cream we could find!

I made 2 of those 3 girls Gamma Phis!!
Beautiful Cayla!

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La Croix…they get me!
All of the Cru women!


Our bible study!


THE go-to dance move!

When we got back to the retreat center we were staying at, we played some large group games that were a TON of fun! We played bodies (a classic), mafia, and the worst game of beach volleyball you’ve ever seen! It was so wonderful to be able to really get to know some new girls in such a stress-free environment.

Overall, I learned so much this weekend. I learned that anger and bitterness are the poisons we drink hoping the other person will be hurt. The Lord calls us to love and make efforts to forgive and reconcile, so we should pray for Him to take bitterness off of our heart if we have any. I also learned the importance of owning our part in any conflict, and not letting emotions get so high that they overrun rationality and logic. It was a phenomenal lesson!

Sitting here writing this after the retreat, I can’t believe I didn’t want to go at first. I am SO excited to get to go for the next four years and grow deeper in the new friendships I’ve made! Women’s retreat: 10/10!!





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