Exploring Tallahassee: Plant Heaven & A Bird’s Eye View

Today my sweet friend Charli and I decided to get out off of campus and try to explore some of Tallahassee! We started (of course) with some Iced Mocha Coffees at Lucky Goat Coffee. If you live in Tally and haven’t been to Lucky Goat….what are you doing? Their coffee is amazing and will have you addicted so quickly!

During coffee, we were talking about what we wanted to do for the rest of the day and just as we had landed on thrift shopping, Charli said “No! I have a surprise for you”. Once we got in the car, Charli started driving into a ~sketchy~ area of Tallahassee and I was definitely questioning her judgment. We were on a really busy road and she took a sudden right hand turn into a BEAUTIFUL lush garden area with the cutest little house. As soon as we drove in I spotted a lemon tree (if you know me, you’ll know it’s my DREAM to own a lemon tree) and I felt my heart skip a beat. Overall, SO glad I decided to trust Charli!

The place we ended up was called Purple Martin’s Outpost and is basically just a garden center with a cute knick-knack store. There’s a gorgeous outdoor area filled with every type of plant and succulent you could imagine and an indoor greenhouse with so many beautiful plants and pots. It is plant HEAVEN. Inside, there’s a store filled with all kinds of pots and the cutest greeting cards! We didn’t see anybody else the whole time we were there, and got to really enjoy all the beauty!

After we had loved on every plant we could see, we decided to go to the top of the state capital building to see the Tallahassee overlook. We always heard other people talking about it and it did not disappoint! It was so cool to see FSU and all of the city we love from a bird’s eye view. We were able to pick out our dorm and our church and discovered that we could even see the football field from there! If we ever can’t get game day tickets, we’re going to go there with some binoculars and snacks haha!!


I also have been loving this outfit this winter! Because Florida doesn’t get that cold, I can usually get away with just wearing a sweater and a jean jacket. This sweater I got from a clothing swap I did with my friends Hannah and Audrey. Y’all- if you want some new clothes and have some clothes to get rid of, suggest a clothing swap with your friends! We had a blast trying on each other’s clothes and we all got a wardrobe refresh while spending no money!

My jean jacket is from Madewell and I absolutely love the wash- it goes with everything! I got mine on Poshmark, which is an app where you can sell and buy pretty much any brand name item for a lot less! I’m an avid Poshmark shopper and would definitely recommend looking there first before you buy something full price!

I love neutrals because they are so easy to mix and match and still look cute! Grey, black, blue, and white are staples for me in every season and are so trusty to always look fashionable in pictures. I also tend to get dressed while I’m still half asleep and don’t want to think too much about color schemes haha!

Tallahassee really does have some sweet spots if you know where to look! On beautiful winter days like this one, I will definitely be dragging everyone I know to the Outpost (sorry in advance!!!). If your city has a garden center or outlook point, you should go check it out and make it an adventure day with some friends!





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  1. Dimitry says:

    Never visited these spots in 2 years (2010-12)


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