God Lately: Coffee Dates

The other day on a coffee date, my discipler and I were talking about knowing and trusting the Lord and she said something to me that really made me think about what God is doing in my life right now. We were talking about what it’s like to know what the Lord’s will for us is and she said that knowing the Lord and knowing what he wants for us shouldn’t be such a foreign idea and that, when thought of more practically, it isn’t so scary.

She laid out an example for me of meeting your best friend for coffee. If you were to set a time to meet your best friend and she was late, you would still know what she would want to order even if she didn’t call you in advance to tell you. You’d be able to tell what she would want, because you would have spent so much time with her and around her, and would have seen her order it in the past. You know her inside and out.

If we knew the Lord like that, how radically would that change our relationship with Him and each other?

If we thought about knowing the Lord’s will for us with the same mindset, maybe it wouldn’t seem like such a scary thing.  Maybe if we thought of him like an old friend we knew the order of, we would be able to make decisions based on His will with less contemplation and agony over doing the “right” thing.

Of course, in order to know your friends coffee order, you would have had to been constantly spending time with her. In the same way, in order to truly know the Lord’s will for us, we have to constantly be spending time with Him and seeking him.

This is a topic we’ve been talking a lot about in church here in sweet old Tallahassee lately. Our pastor Ben (who I’m convinced speaks to ME during his sermons- they are so good!) has been doing a series on trusting the Lord and what that really looks like. Realizing that we have a very young congregation (college-aged), he said that he was starting this series because everyone in our congregation is probably going to think about getting married, taking a new job, and moving to a new city in the next 5 years (terrifying). His point last week was that we are so good about running to the Lord when we have a question about the big things– like who to marry, where to work, or what city to live in after college– but not the small things.

When we follow God daily and submit to Him, everything that we are doing becomes for His glory. Daily meditation on the word and prayer changes us whether we want it to or not, and always for the better. When we give Him control over all the small decisions, we will question less what we are doing with the big things because we will have already been trusting God and listening to His will throughout the whole journey.

This is one of those sermons that I felt hit me like a freight train. It really made me think about what I am doing and if I truly am living for the Lord and giving him all I can. Upon evaluation, I definitely found that I fall into the category of people who want to run to God with the big decisions but try to take control of the small when in reality the big decisions are the end result of a long series of small decisions.

I am such a control freak, and I often find that I am trying to pick and choose what areas of my life I’ll let God work in. It’s easy to give him things that are already going well, or things that I don’t care about the outcome of. But there are some things that I find myself thinking I care too much about to give to God. This is SUCH a silly thought, because I know and believe that God has a greater plan for me than I have for myself butttt I also wish I could know God’s plan for me before I commit to it, so that I would know when I stumble along the way that it is for a good purpose.

Most of what I’m learning is that I am so bad at loving and trusting my heavenly Father, even when Matthew 22:37 clearly commands us to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”. It’s amazing to me that I could love and know the Lord so much, and still choose not to trust Him. My goal for this post is not to give anyone all the answers, but to try to make anyone who reads this more aware. Awareness, for me, has been the key to actively trying to change my ways.




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