Stuck with Me: Seeking God

Do you ever read or hear something and feel like it just sticks with you and you can’t get it out of your mind? Well, recently that happened to me and I feel a push to share it, so here goes.

Something a friend (one of the ones in that beautiful photo) said to me lately was the question “Why are you seeking God?”. The answer itself seems so simple…because he’s God. But, as I sat and thought about it, I began to realize more and more that I don’t always seek God with a posture of praise. In other words, I realized that a lot (maybe even most) of the time, I seek God because I need answers, or I need a problem fixed, or even because I feel like that’s what Christians are supposed to do. I’ll be the first to admit that I know this is self-seeking! Let’s be honest though- we all do it sometimes!

After spending some time in scripture and prayer thinking about this question that kept eating at me, I realized that this meant that I wasn’t really living my life for God, just because he is GOD (especially not when life got hard). Seeking God when it’s convenient or helpful for me is easy, but we are called to seek God even when life is hard and when we don’t particularly want to seek God. Even in the hardest situations, we shouldn’t seek God only as a means to an end of a “fixed problem”, but because he is GOD.

We should seek him because he has good intentions for us, because his plan is better than ours, and because he has never and will never lead us astray. We should seek him because we trust that whatever he is doing will end up in our favor, because he adores us and wants us to find fullness of life in him. We should seek him because there is nobody else who can provide for us what he does; there is nothing on this earth that can fill every crack in our life that He can. He is strong in our weakness, he gives us peace, and he loves us recklessly. If there was a person on earth who I knew to be like that, I would go to them every single day and want to be their best friend- so I need to do the same with God.

Sometimes I seek God selfishly. Sometimes I just want some answers. Sometimes I want a quick fix. But this month especially, I have been focusing on going to God because he is God and he is my savior, and I want to praise him and know him and be with him. Life through this lens- a lens of praise that we have a God like ours- is so much sweeter. So, next time you sit down to pray, or spend time in scripture, take a second to think about WHY you’re doing it, fix yourself into a posture of praise and thankfulness, and thank God for being just so very GOD.





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