Thomasville, GA

Coming into the new semester, we decided we wanted to do something fun and adventurous (but not too expensive!). We had all been wanting to go to Thomasville for a while since it’s only about an hour from FSU, so we decided we’d get all the girls together and take a day trip up there to explore!

We left around 10 AM which was perfect because it meant that when we got there we were all STARVING. Sooo naturally our first stop was a little café/bakery called Savannah Moon for some lunch! We anticipated pastries and coffee but were met with SO much more. We missed their breakfast menu (tragic), but they had a full blown lunch menu that looked equally as delicious! We got crab cakes and chicken pot pie and salad and all kinds of home cooked southern goodness. They also had raspberry chocolate cheesecake which I just HAD to get but thankfully my friends helped me finish it!

Our friend Grace kept making jokes about Thomasville being like a small town in a Hallmark or Lifetime movie, and kept joking that we were all going to find “Local Boy” like the girl in the movies and be the “out of town girl” who gets married in the town gazebo! It quickly became our joke of the day and we kept trying to jokingly find “Local Boy” in every shop we went to!

We walked around and shopped and convinced Hannah to buy a hat (FINALLY! It looks SO good on her). She’s been looking for a long time for the perfect hat and everyone in the store was so excited for her when she finally found it! Next-door to the little boutique we got the hat in was a book store that was basically just heaven. We probably spent a good 45 minutes in there reading the backs of books, playing with the knick-knacks, and enjoying the heat. I found an adorable art print of the different types of leaves that I just had to get (plant mom problems).

  We eventually started to burn out and needed some coffee! We wandered into Grassroots Coffee Shop and got all kinds of coffee (I opted for the Chai tea latte, as usual!), and then found the “Local Boy” of the coffee shop and headed back out to explore!

After coffee, we headed back out for pictures. Hannah runs a little photography business, and her pics are absolutely STUNNING, and we all definitely appreciate her skills! We found a little courtyard where we were able to get some amazing shots with great lighting. Most of the pics you’ll see below are hers!

You can find Hannah’s photography on instagram @hannahbroadwellphotography!

We’ll definitely be traveling back up to Thomasville soon to “study” at that little coffee shop! Sometimes you just need to get out of town, get a change of scenery, and spend a day laughing with all the people who love and understand you most. Thomasville, thanks for only being an hour away!

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!!



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