2017 was sweet to me. I graduated High School, moved to lovely old Tallahassee, and got a chance to start fresh. I got to go to new places, try new things, meet new people, and experience God in totally new ways. There were definitely some rough patches and times when I really struggled, but God brought me through!

My biggest lesson of 2017 was to present things to God with an open hand. Too often I found (and still find) myself trying to “give God control”, when really I was holding on to the hard things so tightly, not wanting to give up control. I definitely have a tendency to say I’m trusting God, when really I’m trying to handle everything on my own (and failing). I’m really working on being more conscious of this going into 2018!

I have never been so excited for a new year the way I am for 2018. January is jam-packed for me, with trips and meetings and the craziness of second semester starting, but I am SO excited! I have the amazing opportunity to start a discipleship program at my church for the next 12 weeks, I’m joining the sailing club, I have a backpacking trip planned, and my bible study is picking back up again. Also, as you can probably tell, I am starting a blog! It’s scary and exciting and daunting all at once, but I’m jumping right in!

This year, my focus is not only on presenting things to God with an open hand, but also on coming to Him with a thankful heart. I definitely come to Him with my issues, but when things go right I can sometimes walk away and forget to be praising Him in every situation, whether things are wonderful or horrible. Every situation He puts us in is intentional, and I need to remember to thank Him even when I might not understand exactly what he’s doing!

2018, I am ready for ya!




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